How Great Is Our God?




Seriously, how great is our God?  How big and wonderful is He?  We are going to think about that as we wrap up 1 Corinthians this week (2/18/09) and then view a video entitled, “How Great Is Our God,” by Louie Giglio.


Normally, I don’t show videos, but this one will blow your mind!!!  I frequently tell you that you do not have to check your brain at the door to come to Bible study or to become a believer.  This video will make you think, strengthen your faith, and show you how this great, big God cares about you and me.


If you know someone who is an atheist, agnostic, or just struggling with their faith, bring them to see this video.  If you know someone who is feeling beaten down by life and feels like God may have forgotten them, bring them to see this video.


If you want to watch something that will inspire you, challenge you and help you see how truly awesome God is, don’t you dare miss this week!!!


“Your life is a miracle and the Creator of the universe knows you by name. He’s big enough to breathe out stars, yet intricate enough to fashion together the trillions of cells that make up every facet of who you are.  The God who spoke the universe into existence made you, too, and knows everything about you.  From the smallest molecule to the situation you find yourself in right now. He’s aware of your circumstances and intimately acquainted with everything you do. And He cares about you and promises to carry you through. “  Louie Giglio




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