Go Western Wednesday!

Howdy cowgirls~

The rodeo starts this weekend, and so next Wednesday is “Go Western Wednesday” at Merry Ministries!  Yeehaw!  If you have western wear, or just jeans and a bandana, this is the week to wear them.  We will give out some fun cowgirl awards, and our music will have a country western flair to it. 

We will have a cookie social in the church narthex following the lesson.  (NO small group meetings this week.) The cookies will be furnished by our group leaders.  We will have coffee also.  This is a great chance to visit with your old friends and make some new ones.

The lesson this week will be on chapters 3 & 4 of 2 Corinthians.  If you missed Wednesday’s lesson (chs. 1 & 2), click on the Merry Ministries on the upper right side of this page.  Then click on Audio Lessons and scroll down to the lesson you missed. Listen online by clicking on the MP3 icon to the right of the lesson you missed.

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