And the winner is . . .

We had fun celebrating “Go Western Wednesday” today.  We had a cowgirl praise team made up of Tricia Zody, Andrea Prescott, Anita Dietert (playing guitar), Barbara Conklin (yes, I say Barbara Conklin), and of course, Carmen McCullough on the piano.  They did a great job.  I only had to help them out on one song.  😉  Anita sang and played the guitar again at the end of the lesson.  It was a song she wrote from our lesson today.  Awesome job!

One of our resident cowgirls, Brenda Pullen, gave out certificates of award to these winners:

Best All-Around Cowgirl – Joyce Senior

Oldest Cowgirl – Dorothy Hightower (91 and counting)

Fanciest Cowgirl – Tricia Zody (you will never see Tricia and all her rhinestones on a horse!)

Best Boots – Mary Willis (vintage Justin – my first award ever!)

Best Cowgirl Accessory – Mary Cook and her fancy vest

Did I forget anyone???  Our most authentic cowgirl each year is Lori Sumrall, but she didn’t want an award.  I found out that Cindy Wilford is a true cowgirl, too.   Then there’s Kathy Gilmore, an urban cowgirl in her red hat, vest, everything.  Theresa Wade had an awesome belt buckle. 

We did get serious and have a lesson today from 2 Corinthians 3 & 4.  I used some demotivational posters as a tie-in to some of what Paul was saying.  To see these and more, go to  These posters, calendars, mugs, etc. are made by a company called Despair Inc. ( ).  I found out AFTER class, that Barbara McNerney’s son owns that company!  How about that?!! 

We had a wonderful cookie social today.  Sorry if you gave up sweets for lent! 

I hope you will remember at least a couple of things from the lesson today, God has given you and me His most valuable treasure, His Spirit, to dwell in these clay vessels (our bodies). We’re all going to have troubles, but keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.  Keep your eyes on the Savior, not the storm.

I love you all,


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