Finishing 2 Corinthians

Hi all~

We appreciate Erin Young and Jimmy Villanueva stepping in to lead us in worship last week.  They did an incredible job!

This week in Merry Ministries, we will finish 2 Corinthians by studying chapters 12 and 13.  In these chapters, the Apostle Paul concludes his defense of himself and his ministry as he pours out his heart in love to the church in Corinth.

We will learn what he means as he speaks of the “third heaven,” “paradise,” and the thorn in his flesh in chapter 12.  We will see his final comments and closing greetings in chapter 13.  Please join us for the heartfelt conclusion of this great letter.

Tricia ( is home from working on her latest CD in Nashville and will be back with us tomorrow.  We are so blessed to have Tricia and Carmen leading us.  I know you love them as much as I do.

God bless and I will see you Wednesday morning . . . that’s tomorrow!



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