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I have some good questions arise about our new evening class and so here are some Questions & Answers that may be helpful:
Q:  Can we bring our school age daughters? 
A:  If your daughters, nieces, neighbors are in middle or high school, please feel free to bring them.  I would love to have these young ladies in our group!
Q:  Will Mary be teaching the class? 
A:  YES. And Tricia Zody will lead the music, just like on Wed. mornings.
Q:  How long will the class last? 
A:  We will start right at 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings (beginning Sept. 8th) and we will be out about 7:50. The Wednesday classes will begin at 9:30 a.m. (Sept. 9th) and the lesson will be over by 11:00.  (Optionals small group meetings will follow on Wed. mornings.)  We will meet every week except the week of Thanksgiving.  Our last classes for the semester will be December 8 & 9. 
Q:  What will we be studying?
A:  We will continue our study through the New Testament beginning in September with Ephesians (followed by Philippians, Colossians, and on.)
Q:  How much reading will we need to do? 
A:  You will be encouraged (not required) to read back over the chapter(s) we covered in class.  We will usually a couple of chapters per week.  (Ephesians chapters 1 & 2 are a total of 45 verses or 6-7 verses a day.  You may want to read more on your own.)
Q:  Will I be asked to read or pray aloud or answer questions?
A:  No.
Q:  Will there be handouts? 
A:  Yes, and we will give you a notebook to keep them in.  There is no charge for the class or the notebook.
Q:  What is meant by calling Merry Ministries an “inter-denominational Bible study”?
A:  We have ladies coming from many different Christian denominations, such as Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, non-denominationalists, etc. We try to put our focus on the Bible and not denominational differences.
Q:  What if I can’t be there every week? 
A:  You’ll be fined $100 for each class you miss.  JUST KIDDING!  There’s no problem if you can’t make it.  You can order a CD of the lesson or listen to in online or you can come on Wed. morning.
Q:  How should I dress for Merry Ministries? 
A:  Whether you are coming straight from work or from a workout, you will be fine.
Q:  Can I bring a friend? 
A:  Absolutely!
Q:  Why are you adding an evening class?
A:  We didn’t have anything better to do on Tuesday evenings.  Ha ha. Actually, Barbara Conklin (our coordinator) and I both felt that God was calling us to add an evening class.  We presented the idea to our leadership team and they were supportive.  After much prayer and discussion with the church, it is happening in September.  Will it be hard? Yes, but most things of value are.
You or your friends can check out www.merryministries.com for more info or they can call (281.491.1860 or email () me directly.  
God bless,
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