Holy Land Tour Scheduled for February

One of the most moving experiences of my life came in January 2008 when Ken and I traveled to Israel with a church tour group.  The Bible came alive as we walked where Jesus walked.  We stood in the places we’ve read about in the Old and New Testaments. I will never look at the Bible the same.  It brought a totally new perspective to studying the Word.  It was exciting, inspiring, interesting and downright fun.

Merry Ministries is now planning a tour of Israel in conjunction with Sugar Land First United Methodist Church.  About a year ago, I began talking with Marty Nicholas, the pastor of SLFUMC (Sugar Land First United Methodist Church), about the possibility of a joint trip between Merry Ministries and SLFUMC.  Marty has hosted tours to Israel on multiple occasions, and I am so excited about the opportunity to teach along with Marty on this upcoming tour.

The trip is set for February 18-28, 2010. The size of the group will be limited to no more than 40.  We will be flying Continental and then we all be on one new Mercedes bus. We will be staying at 4 star hotels in great locations.  Marty and I will split the teaching opportunities and hopefully enrich the learning experience for all.  We will be going through Omega Travels USA, which is owned by Bev Robb, wife of the pastor of the The Woodlands United Methodist Church. She has taken over 70 groups to Israel over the past 20 years.  She knows her stuff and so does the Israeli tour guide that she uses, Mishi Neubach.  Marty has traveled to Israel on multiple trips with Bev and Mishi and says the experience was great.  I have personally met and talked with Bev and Mishi on two occassions and feel very confident about going with them.  Mishi lives in Israel and knows it and the Bible extensively.

Marty’s wife, Pat, is going. My husband, Ken, is going and you are welcome to invite your spouse, family member, or friend. The brochure for the trip is attached.  If you want a hard copy of it, I will certainly get you one. The cash/check price for the tour is $3,489 per person. That is the double room price.  (It is about $150 more if you pay online by credit card.) This price includes airfare, hotels, and breakfast and dinner each day

Please look through the attached brochure and itinerary.  The plan is to also go to Bethlehem even though that is not listed on the brochure. 
To reserve your spot on the tour, you need to send in a check for $500 with the printed info on p. 4 of the brochure or you can wait until you get the hard copy of the brochure, or register online.  We are only taking 40 people and that includes Marty & Pat Nicholas and Ken & me.  I need you to tell me if you are sending in your deposit in so we can keep track of how many we have going. 
You can read about the tour on Bev’s website: http://www.omegatravelusa.com/upcomingtour.html .  Scroll down until you see the Nicholas/Willis tour.   (There is also a price for the land tour only if you want to use your Continental miles to get there.)
Let me hear from you if you are interested.  Get your passport ready.  If you have any questions, feel free to call (281-491-1860) or email me.    

 Next year in Jerusalem,


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