New year. Fresh start.

Isn’t it great how God gives us new beginnings?  These are opportunities to start over and try to get it right.  Each morning we get a do-over.  At the beginning of each week and month we get do-overs.  But best of all is the beginning of a new year.  We get a fresh start.

“New year. Fresh start.” is what we are calling our Genesis study which will begin January 11 & 12th.  It’s a new year, and we are getting a fresh start on the Bible beginning with Genesis.

Here’s the really cool thing about Genesis – the word means beginning.  It starts off, “In the beginning . . .” and is a book full of beginnings – creation, life, people, marriage, sin, families, problems, solutions, languages, blessings, punishments, prophesies, and so forth.  Genesis also tells us of God’s selection of a man and his family that would become God’s chosen people through whom the whole world would be blessed.

Genesis really sets the table for understanding God and the rest of the Bible.  My prayer is that God will do a whole new thing in our hearts as He gives us a fresh start.

Please join us for this study on Tuesday nights or Wednesday mornings beginning January 11 & 12.  You can sign up on the home page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at .

Many blessings,

Mary Willis

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