This week – Genesis 33-36

Don’t you hate detours?  The roads are crummier.  The traffic is worse.  It takes longer to get where you’re going.  And you’re never completely sure you will arrive at the right destination.  Would you knowingly take an unnecessary detour in the opposite direction of your destination?  Of course not!

Oh really?
This week in our Genesis study, Jacob is headed back to the Promised Land to fulfill his vow to God.  After a short, cordial reunion with his brother, Jacob takes a detour of his own choosing.  The detour took him to a dead end.  The results were not pleasant.  It takes him awhile to get back on the right road.
How about you?  Has your faith taken a detour?  Have the results been disappointing?  Or perhaps you’ve been floundering trying to figure out what God’s roadmap  for you is.
This lesson will encourage you to stay on God’s path and if you have taken a detour, you’ll be encouraged to get back on track.
I pray that you will be ready to hear a clear word from God this week.
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