Summer Study on Heaven begins June 7 & 8

Heaven—My Real Home

Summer Bible Study taught by Marlene Kelly

Do you ever wonder what heaven is like?

Who is there?

Can they see me?

What will we do there?

Will I know my loved ones?

What does heaven have to do with my life now?

The Bible has much to say about these and other questions about our eternal home! Come join us as we explore the topic of heaven in a casual summer study. There will be discussion and we will look at answers to your questions. Each week’s lesson will stand alone, so feel free to come as many weeks as you can and bring a friend!

June 7-8 But, I can’t play the harp…

Common views of heaven—and a Biblical view

June 14-15 Eyewitness News

First-hand accounts of heaven—a clear view changes everything!

June 21-22 The Ultimate Destination

What is heaven like? now? later? Who is there? What is there?

June 28-29 Extreme Makeover-Heaven Edition, p. 1

July 5-6 Extreme Makeover-Heaven Edition, p. 2

What will we be like in heaven? Our bodies, memories, relationships, learning, work….  What is currently going on there?

July 12-13 His Final Answer – Judgment Day

On what basis are we judged? Can we prepare?

July 19-20 A Life God Rewards

What does God reward us for? Will there be regrets?

July 26-27 This World is Not My Home

Making sense of this life—pain and suffering. Having hope, courage and right priorities.

Join us and bring a friend!

Every week in June and July, starting June 7 and 8

Tuesday evenings 7 PM

Wednesday mornings 10 AM

in The Venue at

First United Methodist Church

431 Eldridge Road

For more information or to sign up:

or call 281-731-2803

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