Valentine’s Lesson – Book of Ruth

We will jump ahead to Ruth this week for our special Valentine lesson.   The book of Ruth is easily one of the most familiar and popular in the Bible. It is a charming, short story and a great example of simple narrative with a happy ending. This historical account has heroines and a hero but no villain. There is friendship, romance and suspense. There is also tragedy, but it is overcome by courage, love, and loyalty. In this story, Naomi and Ruth are a beautiful example of loyalty, friendship and commitment – to God and to each other.  We also see a love story develop involving Ruth and Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer.


Did you know that Ruth’s name in Hebrew means “friend”? This is a great week to invite a friend to Merry Ministries.  We will have a social time following the lesson with lots of goodies.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.  God loves you!!!
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