New Semester Starts Next Week!

What a journey this semester will be as we begin next Tuesday & Wednesday (Jan. 8 @ 6:30pm & Jan. 9 @ 9:30am).  This will continue to be the year of David and his descendants as we start with 1 Chronicles and continue on through 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms and Proverbs. If you miss a week, you miss a lot!  I hope you will commit to coming or listening online every possible week.

The whole book of 1 Chronicles is dedicated to the life of David.  It begins with the genealogy of the royal line of David before surveying key events of the reign of David.  (Don’t freak out when you see that the first 9 chapters are genealogy.  I’m not going to read it to you.  I will quickly point out some main characters and then move on to the life of David.) This book covers pretty much the same events as 2 Samuel so we will cover it in one week hitting on the major points and things that were not revealed in 2 Samuel.

What in the world can we expect to gain from studying this book that was written over 2400 years ago?  We can continue to build a true spiritual foundation and see how genuine worship ought to be the center of our lives. We will see how God is always faithful to His people and to His word. Because God has been at work throughout history, we can trust Him in the present.  As God’s people, we need to take a firm stand for the ways of God recorded in the Bible.

God bless you,

Mary Willis

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