Go Texan & Finish Book of Job


The Rodeo is in full swing, so dust off your boots, slap on your jeans, snap on your shirt, tie on your bandana and git ready for some country gospel led by Craig Gilbert.  (Or just come on in whatever you regularly wear …there’s no pressure.)

We will have a couple of prizes for the top cow gals.

Then we will finish our study of Job, chapters 32-42.  In 32-37, a fourth friend, Elihu, speaks up.  (Apparently, he’s been sitting there quietly the whole time!) He gives his 3 little speeches about God and Job.  Who is this mysterious friend?

FINALLY GOD SPEAKS TO JOB.  (Chapters 38-42) To me, this is the best part of our story.  Don’t miss it!  The book has a happy ending. Job is restored and blessed.

Happy trails,


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