Finished Job

As we covered chapters 32-42 this week, we were introduced to a young man named Elihu (means ‘my God is he”) who had apparently been sitting there all along listening to the debates between Job and his three friends.  Elihu scolded the three friends for their lack of wisdom and their treatment of Job.  He scolded Job for his self-righteousness and attitude toward God.

Then in chapter 38, God showed up!  He arrived in a whirlwind and began speaking to Job. God calls Job onto the carpet and tells him to dress for action. God wants to show Job how unqualified he is for questioning God’s actions.  He goes through a series of 77 or so questions for Job. He began with, “Where were you when I laid the foundations to the earth?” (38:4) He continues going through a tour of nature from the stars to the animals and the balance of life. This this continues through chapter 41.

In chapter 42, Job repents of his self-righteous attitude and God forgives him.  I love how God calls him “my servant Job” four times in the last chapter.  It was the same personal term of endearment God used in chapters 1 and 2.  God sets his three friends straight that had accused Job of wrong-doing.  He says they must offer a sacrifice and then Job will pray for them.  I love it!

In the end, Job was blessed with twice as much as he had in the beginning of this book. He lived another 140 years and it was the best part of his life.

It is important that we remember that as God deals with us He always has eternity in mind. I always have today and tomorrow in mind. And I am often concerned with my present comfort, with my present ease, with my present prosperity. God is interested in my eternal comfort, in my eternal prosperity. He’s dealing with me over the eternal things, where I am so often only thinking in the here and now things. But when God is working in your life, He’s always got eternity in mind, for He wants you to enjoy the blessings of His kingdom forever.

God loves you and He is just.  He will not only restore to you whatever you have lost unjustly, but He will give you more than you can imagine as you live with Him in eternity. Cling tightly to your faith through all your trials, and you too will be rewarded by God, if not now, then in the life to come. You have a Redeemer who lives in heaven and one day you will meet him face to face. It would be great to hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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