Week One of Psalms

Hi all~ 

This week we began the study of the Psalms. After introducing the book, we covered the first 21 psalms, some rather briefly. The different types of Psalms are:

  1. Praise – praise to God (Ps. 8, 66, 106)
  2. Lament – prayers for God’s deliverance (Ps. 3, 42, 74, 102, 130)
  3. Penitential – confession of sins (Ps. 6, 32, 51, 102, 103, 130, 143)
  4. Pilgrimage – sung by worshippers as they traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate the festivals  or feasts (Ps. 43, 76, 120-134)
  5. Royal – portraying the reign of the earthly king, as well as describing God’s sovereign rule (Ps. 2, 21, 47, 89, 93, 96-99, 101)
  6. Wisdom – instruction in wisdom, righteousness and God’s laws (Ps. 1, 37, 119)
  7. Imprecatory – invoking God’s wrath and judgment against the enemies (Ps. 7, 35, 79, 144)
  8. Messianic – anticipating the life and ministry of the Messiah, Jesus Christ (Ps. 2, 8, 16, 22, 40, 45, 72, 110)
  9. Thanksgiving – giving thanks to God (Ps. 118, 136, 138)
  10. Trust – showing faith and trust in God (Ps. 4, 11 )

I am encouraging you all to spend some time each day in the Psalms.  If you do one per day, it will take you from now through the summer.  Others may want to do 3 per day and keep up with where we are in the study.  As you seek God through the Psalms, I really think your faith will grow stronger and you will be drawn closer to our Lord.

As you read each psalm, I would like for you to keep a journal.  I use a simple spiral notebook.  Here’s an example of how I did Psalm 1:

Ps. 1 – Two Ways of Life (You need the handout for titles or you can title it yourself.)

Author:  anonymous

Type: wisdom (See types above.)

(Next you can write what it means to you or take a portion of it and personalize it into a prayer. I did a prayer. ) Prayer: Lord, help me not to follow the advice of the ungodly, nor follow their path, nor spend too much time with them. Help me to delight in your word and instruction daily. I ask that you would help me grow spiritually, be strong, fruitful, and prosperous in your ways. Please lead me in your righteous ways and watch over me. Amen.

This was an easy one.  Some are harder.  No one is going to check your journal. It’s between you and God. If you have any questions, let me know.



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