Psalms 61-80

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This week we covered Psalms 61-80.  For each psalm I have been giving you a song title, the author, the type of psalm and at least one key verse.  For some of the psalms we dig in a little deeper and read the entire psalm. For others just the bare basics.  That is why it is so important that you spend time on your own with each of these psalms.  You are cheating yourself out of some rich material if you do not.

We are focusing on a few key words as we seek God through the Psalms.  One of those key words is “seek”; another is lovingkindness or steadfast love (hesed in the Hebrew); and add to those “rock”.  Over and over the Lord is referred to as our rock.  He is our strong and powerful God.

Let’s look at a few of these psalms:

Psalm 63 Thirst for God

Author: David

Type: Lament

1 – Seek God earnestly… not half-heartedly.

2-4 And as you seek Him, praise Him; His steadfast love (hesed) is better than life.

5-8 Seeking God is satisfying. He fills our thirst and hunger. He is our help. If you can’t sleep, use it as an opportunity to meditate on the things of the Lord.

9-11 God will punish our enemies.

Psalm 69 is one of the most quoted in the New Testament.  Jesus, John, Paul and Luke (in Acts) all quote from this messianic psalm of lament. If you need the cross references, look in the margin of your Bible or shoot me an email.

One of my new favorite verses is Psalm 70:4 -“May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you! May those who love your salvation say evermore, ‘God is great!'”  I am challenging you to tell someone every day that God is great!  Several of you put it on your Facebook yesterday; so did I.  Today, I put the whole verse. In several psalms we are told to meditate and talk of the awesome deeds of the Lord. Let’s tell the world that we serve a great God, and not just on Facebook.

Psalm 78 is the second longest psalm. Singing was a way of passing down their national history to the next generation.

No matter what you are experiencing, you can share your honest emotions and needs with God.  Ask him for help.  Always give him praise and thanks.

God is great!!!


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