Prayers for Healing



This week we covered Psalms 101-118. The most quoted psalm in the New Testament is Psalm 110 which is a Messianic psalm. It is either directly or indirectly referenced 28 times.  It is as if David is overhearing this conversation where the LORD (YHWH, God the Father) is having a conversation with the Lord (Adonai) Jesus.

Psalms 113-118 are called the Egyptian Hallel and they are songs of praise about the Exodus from Egypt. These continue to be sung as part of the Jewish Passover observance.


Much of our focus this week was on praise, thanksgiving and healing, particularly in regards to Psalm 103. For those of you who missed the lesson, I played an audio of Duane Miller’s voice being healed as he taught this Psalm to his Bible Study class with a special microphone.  He had been without voice for 3 years. Here is the longer version of his story.

We had a special time of anointing and prayer for healing at the end of the lesson. I don’t know about you, but I was very moved by the needs and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Almost every person came forward for prayer, whether it was for themselves or on behalf of someone else. The needs were tremendous. We prayed for everything from forgiveness of sin to healing from physical/emotional/mental/spiritual sicknesses to broken relationships. Let me assure you that God heard every prayer. I cannot tell you when or how those prayers will be answered, but as they are, would you please let me know? You can also tell me how you felt about our prayer time if you want.

God is great!!!


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