Isaiah Study Begins!

Hi all~

I hope you were blessed by our initial study of Isaiah. He is an amazing prophet of God. He addresses the sins of the nation of Judah, and those sins are not so unlike what we see in America today. Isaiah is God’s mouthpiece as he points out where they are going wrong: disobeying God’s laws, vain worship (just going through the motions), idol worship, materialism, rebellion. 

Isaiah also tells them if they turn things around (repent), God will forgive. “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. IF you are willing and obedient ….” (Is. 1:18-19). Sin stains us. Only God can rid us of that stain and clean us up.

In chapter 6, Isaiah comes to the most pivotal point in his life. Up to this time, he has been a scribe in the royal palace of the king. He’s been affluent and influential.. He’s pretty much had it made. But then he has this incredible vision in the temple as he sees the Lord on his throne with seraphim calling out, “Holy, holy, holy.” He experiences conviction, confession and cleansing (forgiveness). God asks, “Who will go for Us?” Isaiah quickly responds, “Here I am. Send me.” 

Wow! No hesitation. Here I am. Send me!!!

God then explains how the folks are not going to listen to Isaiah or do anything he says. His commission was to go and preach to people who would not pay attention to him. In short, he was called to be obedient and faithful, not successful in worldly terms.

As we continue through Isaiah, we will see many timely parallels between the people of Isaiah’s day and our day. There is much we can learn and apply. 

Are you willing to listen, obey, and be faithful? Are you willing to go where He sends you?

Be faithful,


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