All Glory to God

Hi all!

Oh my goodness! God is so good. . . to Him be the glory! I am thanking Him for a great start to our Merry Ministries year and the Gospel of Matthew!!! 

Week 1, we covered chapter 1, and who knew genealogy could be so much fun? Thank you for hanging with me as we went through 46 names over the course of 2000 years as I used it to do these seven things:
1. Review the Old Testament
2. Show that Jesus had the legal credentials through his genealogy to be the promised Messiah
3. Tell the stories of the 5 women named in the genealogy
4. Show the faith stories of a couple of good kings in the Messiah’s lineage: Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20) and  Hezekiah (2 Kings 18, 19)
5. Point out the grace of God as we looked at the messed up people in Jesus’ family tree. (Kind of makes you feel better about your family tree, huh?)
6. Point out 8 fulfilled OT promises of the Messiah, including the virgin birth.
7. Show that God’s word is true and He keeps His promises.

Week 2, we covered chapters 2, 3 & 4. Chapter 2 gives us more details about the birth of Christ. We looked at some historical background to help us see what the Jewish/Roman world was like in Jesus’ day. 

Chapter 3 introduces John the Baptist who baptizes Jesus. We have a snapshot of the Trinity at the end of this chapter.

In chapter 4 we have the temptation of Christ and the beginning of his ministry. These were three very meaty chapters. If you missed them, please go to our MESSAGES page and catch the audio or video there.

Next up, we begin The Sermon on the Mount.

You’re the best!

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