The Wedding Reception – John 2

This week at Merry Ministries we learned that Jesus performed his first sign (a miracle with a message) at a wedding. Jesus was on a mission, yet he took time to go to a social event and save the host a lot of embarrassment.

If you missed this lesson, there was a lot of symbolism and meaning behind this miracle. You can watch it now on Vimeo.

After the lesson, we had a surprise wedding reception in the narthex. A special thanks go to:
Cakes by Gina for donating a DELICIOUS multi-layered wedding cake with raspberry and amaretto fillings
Fresh Blooms of Houston for doing our floral arrangements (Cristina Garza)
And Merry Ministries supplied the finest non-alcoholic champagne we could find.

Our leadership team is COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE. We want our time together to be meaningful, memorable and sometimes, a little crazy fun. 

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