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Podcasting is a way to distribute audio files, such as a radio program or speech, over the internet using RSS Syndication for listening on computers, mp3 players or other mobile devices. A podcast is a web feed of audio or video flies placed on the internet for anyone to subscribe to along with the contents of the feed.

The most common question is “Do I need an iPod to listen to a podcast?” and the answer is no. Although the name would make it seem so, a podcast can be listened to on any device that can play mp3 music files.

We recommend that you use iTunes to subscribe to the Merry Ministries Podcast. iTunes is a free, easy to use music player from Apple. Download the latest version of iTunes for free. Once you’ve installed iTunes, click on the link below to subscribe to our podcast.

iTunes Link to Merry Ministries Podcast

We understand if you have a favorite music software for podcasts other than iTunes. So here is the link to the RSS feed so you can download the sermons onto your computer. Please note the podcast is optimized for iTunes, so if you use another client there may be some quirks.

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